This is another mis-conception amongst the people in Sabah.  Some segment of the people in Sabah believes that the Borneonization process as recommended under the Cobbold Commission was never implemented in Sabah.  As such some still argue that this should be done as outline in the 20 points.

Borneonization process is similar to the Malayanization process which was undertaken by the newly formed Malaya Federation right after 1957.  This process is actually the taking over of positions in the government from the British Expats by the indigenous people.  This means that the indigenous people took over most of civil service positions from the British Expats.  Some position was maintained by the British Expats because they were offered the position by the new government, some position was only taken over when there is a qualified local to take over.

In Sabah most of the British Expats position was fully replaced by qualified indigenous people by end of the 70’s.  The reason some segment of the people in Sabah still harp on the Borneonization process is perhaps their own ignorant.

Replacing Federal heads of departments and senior officers in Sabah with indigenous people is not Borneonization, it is parochialism.  This is simply because the Federal government structure was never made an agenda discussed by the Cobbold Commission.  If any indigenous Sabahans are to take over the position of Federal heads of department and senior officials, then these Sabahans must go through the formal recruitment process and make their way to the top as any other person in Malaysia.


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