One Malaysia is One Price

Ulu Selangor by-election was the referendum to gauge the confidence of the people towards the present leadership and the direction set out by him.  The outcome as we are all aware is slim and not as overwhelming as expected, even when millions was poured into Ulu Selangor.

As a Sabahan, I see this referendum as the reflection of the people rejecting the present regime.  For all intent and purposes, the slogan of 1Malaysia is not acceptable even in Kuala Lumpur.  Therefore how can the whole country accept it?

One Malaysia is just another slogan like any other that comes before this.  Sloganeering was highly practice in China during Mao’s time but as it is today, China is more interested and very busy developing their country rather than shouting empty tired expression just to attract attention.

Malaysia is still regurgitating this old and tired strategy as a clarion call to mobilize the masses to achieve the Vision 2020.  The unfortunate thing is that this call is made by a croaking voice that no one really understand what it means.  Even to the person closest to him.  They still argue that they are Malay first before they are Malaysia.  Just as I claim myself a Sabahan first before I am a Malaysian (which is politically correct).

As 1Malaysia, it must also mean that the price of goods in the whole country must be the same.  A packet of Maggie mee in Kuala Lumpur must cost the same in Kota Kinabalu.  Unfortunately, the reality is that for a small country like Malaysia, it could not even have one standardize the pricing of goods for the whole country.  Compared to the US which has 8 hours difference from coast to coast, yet the price of Starbuck Coffee in New York is the same as in Los Angeles.  Can we then compare ourselves as capable as Obama to bring change to the US Federation?

How is it that we can claim to be One Malaysia when the food that we eat is the same yet the prices is more expensive in Kota Kinabalu than in Kuala Lumpur? The irony is that the infrastructure and services in Kuala Lumpur is far better than in Kota Kinabalu.

Therefore, before we start talking about 1Malaysia or Malaysia as one country, how about standardizing the prices of consumer goods first?

At the very least we can all think better with a full stomach.

Sabah Sifu.


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