Malaya or Malaysia

Eavesdropping is a bad habit, I must admit.  But I could not help overhearing the conversation between the salesgirl and one Ma’chik, in the Filipino market in Kota Kinabalu recently.

Sales girl: Ma’chik dari mana ?(Auntie where are you from)

Ma’chik: Kami baru sampai dari MALAYSIA. (We just arrived from MALAYSIA)

I beg your pardon? MALAYSIA? So Kota Kinabalu is not Malaysia? Where is Kota Kinabalu then? Perhaps in an account in CIMB Bank – a fix deposit.

This is typical mis conception from a simple kampong Ma’chik, okey we can forgive her for not attending school.  But Professor Dr Ranjit Singh, from Universiti Utara Malaysia College of Law, government and International Studies cannot be forgiven that easily.

This is the type of people who perpetuate this mis-conception and he his going to teach thousands of students thinking the same thing as the Ma’chik.  This is the type of people who is planting the seed of destruction of the Nation.  He is a Professor in the College of Law, Government and International Studies to boot.  He must be still thinking China is still a Communist country.  Is anyone from the government reading this?

So from an uneducated Ma’chik to a highly trained Professor still thinks Malaya as MALAYSIA and Sabah does not exist in the Map.  They don’t know, there is no MALAYSIA without Sabah and Sarawak, only MALAYA.

The whole education system in Malaysia need a thorough cleaning let’s call a spade a spade.  Why need to call Peninsular Malaysia when the politically correct word is Federation of MALAYA or MALAYA in short.  The professor must have too much fresh air from the jungle around him; travel a bit to broaden your worldview.

Next time to organize a Seminar of this nature, please call on the local intellectuals, Sabah is not short of them.  They give a much broader view than most of the myopic professors from MALAYA; they exist to please their immediate bosses.  Otherwise they lose their Professorship.

Imagine an exam question on the date of the formation of Malaysia, if you answer August 31, 1957 you are right but if you answer September 16, 1963 you are wrong.  So this means all the students from Sabah will get the answer wrong.  Please, responsible NGO’s should review the education curriculum in Sabah and ensure this is not so.

But then again, when Sabahan highlight these types of issues, those from MALAYA will say Sabahan is on a KL bashing binge.  If we don’t raise them, they will say they are not aware.  This is a typical orang MALAYA for you, very hypocritical.

From now on we should all call them Orang MALAYA or MALAYA.

Sabah Sifu


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3 Responses to Malaya or Malaysia

  1. we are only ones of the country that have 2 independence day to celebrate……

  2. kepayan10 says:

    why do the people in malaya wants to treat sabahan and sarawakian like this?

    • gurkahsiber says:

      Sabahans and Sarawakians are very accommodating, but these orang Malaya is seeing that as our weakness as such they take advantage of it. Mostly to enrich themselves. Their leaders are using more sophisticated method of taking advantage and the ordinary people are more crude but at the end of the day it is still taking advantage of the Sabahans and Sarawakians. The Sabahans are more open so we tend to see more of these happening. The Sarawakians are more isolated, thus insulated from orang Malaya but the ones who is taking advantage of them are their own leaders. In the end it amount to the same thing. The people are being taken for granted and taken advantage of.

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