So Pakatan Wants 20 to 25 Seats in Sabah – Easy as pie

It is interesting to read in the Malaysia Today that the Pakatan Rakyat should stop flogging the Indians, Chinese and Malay votes in order to capture Putra Jaya.  They should make an effort to capture at least 20 to 25 seats from the East Malaysia states.  Actually it is simpler than what RPK thinks.  It is not only possible to get 20 to 25 seats; it is already in their hands.  The problem is that they do not know they already have it.

Take a look at Sibu, the Ibans start swinging to DAP because they are all sick and tired to hear all the Barisan promises.  Ransoming projects for their votes is the worse that Najib can do.  Flood mitigation should have been done decades ago, to promise them that it will be done IF Barisan win means nothing to the people in Sibu.  They have already said it Najib can keep his cheque they don’t want it.

Similarly, the rest of Sarawak and Sabah is also sick and tired to listen to politicians talking about development and projects.  It’s just empty talk and promises.  People are not blind they can see if things are happening on the ground, after all they are the grassroots.

But if Pakatan is really interested for the East Malaysian seats then they have to make some hard decisions.  The biggest baggage in Pakatan is actually Anwar, if Anwar is willing to step aside and let someone else to take the lead the chances for Pakatan to make inroads into East Malaysia is brighter.

For goodness sake please don’t pass it to the wife or the daughter, Pakatan is not about building an empire.  Put Khalid or Zaid to be in charge of PKR then we should start seeing something moving, not just in and out of court.

Next, Pakatan must show to the people in Sarawak and Sabah a proper HALATUJU on how Pakatan can reduce the price of consumer goods in these two states to be at par with the prices of consumer goods in Peninsular Malaysia.  Consumer goods will also include the price of properties like houses, apartments, condos etc. etc.  Please do not assume that all Sabahans and Sarawakians are millionaires.  That is only 5% of the population and most of them are Barisan politicians and civil servants.

If Pakatan can do this, I am confident they should get at least 10 seats in Sabah and 20 seats in Sarawak.  Pakatan may even get more if they can work out their strategy on individual seats and start on their HALATUJU early.  Please do not think that Peninsular strategist is much better than those in Sabah and Sarawak that you start telling us what to do.

Sabah Sifu


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5 Responses to So Pakatan Wants 20 to 25 Seats in Sabah – Easy as pie

  1. valentineyapp says:

    …like this lah fren. most of these jokers in the opposition were at one time or the other BN strongmen or perhaps wannabe(s). therefore whoever you vote you are voting “BN!”… “ala! negative juga kau ni…” may suggest! well my answer seem to be…”sabahans are famed for being frogs. so mati-mati kau kampen for this fella…next thing you know he’s at the dining table of mr pak dalang”. anyway to give you a glimpse of our so-called leaders we have this joker, who has been championing sabah’s rights (recently i may add), were once our CM…and guess what my fellow tobpinais?! this same joker wanted to reclaimed tanjung aru beach right up to the shores of pulau mamutic. remember him? he has a lot to answer to ie other pertinent issues whilst he was the CM. and you know what else (here we go again…kadai kupi talk)? he may have been a running dog for that tun dude who just doesn’t want to get off the scene. haiii…you know. we can go on and on about sabahans this…sabahans that. where do we stop? well…only thing i can add for now is for gurkahsiber and all the other commentators of this site that perhaps the only way we can stop relying on the recycled leaders (like our friend gurkahsiber has suggested) is to stop hiding behind a pseudonym when you write/comment. it doesn’t help. mana lah tau you could be the leader we have been waiting for!! so why so scared one…?

    • gurkahsiber says:

      Oii, gondihing, well whatever you said is true we have many opportunists and not short of Tok Dalang in Sabah. This is the reason that this site is maintained by faceless and nameless group of people. We have all agreed not to be known because we don’t want orang Malaya politics to corrupt us. We are all Sabahans so take us as Sabahans. This will not give any of us the desire or opportunity to try our luck in politics because we cannot last in this environment. We are fresh bunch of dedicated people who wants to contribute by awakening the minds of Sabahans. An awaken mind is a powerful mind. This is what we all hope to achieve, to empower our own people. Perhaps we are cashless as well but we are happy to do what we do. Let the relevant people prove us wrong, otherwise they will just be parading naked in Kota Kinabalu. Shame on them.

  2. kepayan10 says:

    what makes u so sure that BN will lose this many seats in Next General elections?

    • gurkahsiber says:

      It is very simple, the BN government has been making a lot of promises, until today most of these promises cannot be met. When BN make promises all over the place and no one is listing all these promises, many will be left out and people will be “kecewa”. In the nest election people are asking for the old promises to be met, again the BN will make promises plus a few new ones. After several elections people become immune with all these promises, so they will still take the money but choosing the right candidate in the opposition, they can beat the BN flat. The problem is that most of the opposition leaders have been depending on recycle leaders, so their choice of candidates is just as stale. That is why they lose.

  3. kepayan10 says:

    why do the people in Malaya wants to treat Sabahan like this??

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