BN in Disarray, leadership impotent

Barisan National institution which was build based on consensus and compromises are breaking down due to greed and  power.  The President of Barisan can only look helplessly.  As the saying goes the father build, the prodigal son will sell it off.  The Pakatan is based on a similar model and it is heading the same direction.  It appears politics is no more the bastion for stability, to survive its everyman for himself.

Malaysia Indian Congress (MIC) with Samy Vellu at the helm for decades has forgotten what it is like to be just Samy Vellu.  He simply refuses to let go of his place and retired graceful like some of his predecessor.  What can the President of Barisan Nasional do?  There is nothing he can do even if it is for the good of the country.

Crises of leadership in Malaysia Chinese Association (MCA), on one side they want to make changes to the party and come clean with the public.  The discriminatory Cabotage policy, the Open Skies Policy, the Hospital problem in Sabah and even the Ferry service issues between Labuan and Menumbuk can be traced back to MCA.

On the other side the group wants to support the status quos and wants to make use of MCA to hide all the dirty laundry.  They want to hide the PKNZ scandal, they don’t want to build but buy hospitals at inflated prices, they want to rake in billions from Sabah due to the Cabotage policy.  They want what to support a system that will destroy Malaysia.

Their money did the talking for them and what did the President of Barisan Nasional do? There is nothing that he can do even if it is for the good of the country.

Similar situation is happening across the component parties in Barisan National.  Things just got out of hand.  There is no more discussion within the Barisan meetings.  It is in the open under the public limelight and what can the President of Barisan Nasional do? There is nothing that he can do even if it is for the good of the country.  For all intent and purposes he is politically impotent.

Don’t laugh, the Pakatan Rakyat which is the alternative political system for the people is also build on the same political model.  Therefore we should expect the same problem.  That is unless they are willing to make changes that will give confidence to the people.  Where then can we turn to, to ensure there is political stability and economic growth?  Is it everyman for himself?

Sabah Sifu


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2 Responses to BN in Disarray, leadership impotent

  1. kepayan10 says:

    tell me sabah sifu,
    1. do we need to we kick BN from Sabah ?or
    2. will pakatan be good for sabahan?
    3. Will MCA survive in Sabah?

    • sifusiber says:

      If you are to ask me this then the simple answer is that politics is dead in Malaysia. Everyone who calls themselves politicians should be ashamed of themselves and people should shun them. Be it Barisan, Pakatan and a bunch of other mosquitoes political parties. They do not have the welfare of the people at heart, they are not sincere and they omit a lot of things when explaining issues to the public. Please read my posting on “Is Malaysia Claiming Brunei?” and see what I mean. MCA has been the culprit for most of the mess in Sabah, the price of goods is so expensive in Sabah compared to Malaya because of MCA who controls the Cabotage policy, Our health services even in Kota Kinabalu is upside down because of MCA (Health Ministry is under them), even the Ferry from Labuan to Menumbok is under MCA. There is a lot more that I can talk about MCA and how they are the culprit to make life in Sabah so difficult. Will they survive in Sabah? All these Malaya Parties should start reflecting on how they can make peace with the people in Sabah because if they don’t even UMNO may have to pack their bags.

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