Is Malaysia Claiming Brunei?

When Mahathir announced the losses that Malaysian government will incur form the “loss” of Block L & M everyone including SAPP was jumping to shout without realizing they are shouting over something which does not belong to Malaysia in the first place.  What an embarrassment!!

Let me elaborate, the map that was drawn which shows the Block L & M was the product of Mahathir’s fantastic imagination.  This is the result of him being sideline by most of the superpowers who was then claiming Antarctica, the outer space and the Moon.  Mahathir have nothing else to claim so he made a claim on the 200 km Economic Exclusive Zone.  Now if we draw the EEZ around Sabah, obviously Mindanao belongs to Malaysia.  Similarly on the Block L & M just look at the picture below:

If you observe the Block L & M is right below the Kikeh Field.  This is the map I took from SAPP Website.  This picture is mischievous because they omit certain part of the picture.

What is absent from the picture is the location of Negara Brunei Darussalam which should also include Temborong.  Bear in mind history tells us that Raja Brooke took Limbang and Lawas to be part of Sarawak without the consent of Sultan of Brunei at that time.  Historically speaking Limbang and Lawas belongs to Brunei.

Now if you put Brunei Darussalam into the Map this is what you get.

It is clear from the Map used by SAPP that Block L & M is under the Brunei’s Economic Exclusive Zone and not under Petronas.

We have to thank you our great Mahathir Mohammad for this great embarrassment and thank you SAPP specifically Yong Teck Lee to start jumping and shouting by showing only part of the picture.  Shame on you SAPP!!

This is public knowledge; the information is available in the public domain.  Why can’t the Sabah state government clear the air since SAPP is the one barking so much?  I feel ashamed even until today even the Prime Minister seems to avoid the issue.

Therefore people let the matter rest and thank god that Brunei does not assert its claim over Limbang and Lawas.  Because if Brunei makes the claim, I am sure all the people of Limbang and Lawas will welcome it with open arms.  After all what kind of development do they get for being in Malaysia for the last 47 years?

Sabah Sifu


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