Oii Mahathir, screw us no more.

Mahathir Mohammed jealously knows no bound, especially against the successful elderly statesman Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) of Singapore.  The reason is LKY has been successful where he failed miserably.  LKY broke the shackles of colonialism, because Mahathir is still flogging the colonial dead horse for his failures.  Singapore has become a develop nation whilst Malaysia still finding excuse in being caught in a “middle income trap”.  Let’s call a spade is a spade and accept the fact that Singapore succeed where Malaysia has failed.  Stop all the excuses, people are so tired of it.

LKY did not have to build Petronas Tower, Sepang F1 racetrack, Putrajaya & Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Proton City in Tanjung Malim as Mahathir has just to boost his ego and not guiding the country towards real progress.  LKY does not have Terangganu, Sabah and Sarawak oil they have to buy everything they use.  LKY does not have Sabah and Sarawak’s raw materials and market to play with as Mahathir has, yet LKY beat Mahathir by several decades.  LKY clearly shows the size of the country does not matter; it’s the intention and passion for the country which does.

By now hopefully Mahathir must realize that he is beaten and beaten well.  His psychological ability to play the Malay sentiments like emotional see saw is over.  His antics in insulting the Malays, belittling and stripping their rulers of immunity is not reverse psychology to make the Malays progressive.  It was to feed his ego as the greatest power in Malaysia whilst in reality controlling the Malay mind.  As the result, the Malays have to shout out their supremacy because they are weak and pathetic; they are kowtowing to this keling rather than their ruler and Allah.

In Sabah, Mahathir is a betrayer.  He betrays Harris Salleh in the 1985 election.  He claims to Sink and Swim with BERJAYA, yet when BERJAYA lost he swims whilst BERJAYA sink into obscurity.

Many people may not realize it but Mahathir is also responsible for all the hardship in Sabah today.  Just compare the prices of milk, coffee, soap all things that the consumer needs for which the government do not impose price control; it is 50-100% more than in Malaya.  Have anyone ever wonder why? The answer is very simple; it is because of the government Cabotage policy.  This makes the shipping cost of these goods more expensive in Sabah than in Malaya.  The United States have 8 time zones does not have this price discrimination, Malaysia which is less than 1 time zone have this discrimination.  After 27 years, the Federal or state government is doing nothing to stop this practice.

The Cabotage policy started in 1980 when Mahathir became the Prime Minister.

Mahathir is also the person who mocks at Sabah by misusing the Sabah state constitution, the state legislative assembly, the Yang Dipertua Negeri, yet Sabahans still give him respect after all these.  Do we in Sabah still need to give our unequivocal support for the Barisan government?

Mahathir is responsible for the Chief Minister’s rotation by circumventing our constitution, legislative assembly and our TYT, none of the leaders in Sabah made a squeak, yet these same leaders expect us to respect them even when the Chief Minister’s rotation nearly made Sabah bankrupt.

The present UMNO and Barisan President is following in Mahathir footsteps, the audacity of calling Sabah in the most derogatory terms – the Fix deposit.

Therefore Sabahans must break away from this shackle and the mind game that they are playing on us.  Awaken your mind and see these leaders for what they are.  Sabahans are not pawns or cannon fodder to feed their insatiable ego.  Once retired then disappear gracefully from public scrutiny.  Otherwise people may just start treating you like pariah.

Sabah Sifu


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A husband & a father who wants his children to have a better future

2 Responses to Oii Mahathir, screw us no more.

  1. valentineyapp says:

    …you know sifu. i for one do not like to dwell on the past. however i do like to know where are we going from here…sifu? any forward planning for us dear sabahans? please tobpinai…let us know!! let us know how to get out of this cycle…this samsara!!

    • gurkahsiber says:

      You see gondihing, we have always depend on the government to live. It is not as if the whole world is going to end the minute the government is not there. Just take a look at Sabah, since 1985, the government has abandon us yet we are still surviving today. They may have given us a hard time but they cannot go beyond a certain limit. Look at the Chinese, they are not dependent on the government. They survive independently, that is why a lot of these Malay supremacist don’t like the Chinese because indirectly the Chinese are showing the Malay weaknesses. Little do these Malay realise without the Chinese, we only have Barter Trading.
      Therefore, we should all ask ourselves, do we need the government or the government needs us. Without us there is no government. So either the government takes us seriously or we select another government. We will all keep on selecting new government until we find one that is suitable for us.
      Sifu Siber

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