The Barisan Government is kicking themselves out of Sabah

The BN leadership recently made an appeal to the people not to hate BN.  The Sabah people have shown repeatedly that they hold no grudges against the BN, the same however cannot be said for some of its leaders.  Specifically, the people cannot say they love the MCA leaders especially when it comes to the issue of the Hospitals in Kota Kinabalu, the National Cabotage Policy and the Open Skies Policies.


Perhaps their trouncing in the last election is an insufficient lesson for them to accept that they must change before the people change them.  It is a bitter pill to swallow but as far as Sabah is concern MCA leaders are becoming more of a liability to BN than an asset.  This is not some wild allegations without any basis.

Imagine, they pressure the state leadership to find them a piece of land to build a new hospital, yet the Health Department in Sabah hide it has 50 acres of empty land beside the existing Hospital Mesra in Bukit Padang.

Imagine these same leaders are willing to pay exorbitant price to buy a “ready-made” hospital yet they have no money to build a new hospital.  The need to build a new hospital is so desperately needed, that it is beyond an EMERGENCY in nature.  To date they have not decided to take up the Sabah government offer to make use of Wisma Khidmat to put up the temporary hospital.  That is MCA leadership for you.

Is it true or a lie that the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is cracking that all the patients have is move out and stuffed into every nook and cranny as long as there is an empty space for a body to lie in?  The patient needs to be transferred from one hospital to another because one hospital to cut people open and the other hospital to stitch them back?  Who is responsible for healthcare in Malaysia today? – The MCA.

These are the same leaders who are also saying that there is no restriction for foreign vessels to call at Sabah ports which is a blatant lie.  These foreign vessels can call in Sabah ports, IF it is a chartered ship.  This means that these foreign registered vessels say from Hong Kong can call at Sabah ports but after loading and unloading they must go back to Hong Kong.  These same ships cannot go to another Malaysian port, say port Bintulu, Kuching or Klang.  Obviously this is not good business for ship owners from Hong Kong, so they avoid coming to Sabah.  This is the famous Cabotage policy, a discriminatory policy enforced by the Federal government against the people in Sabah.

In this policy the Federal government clearly and intentionally legitimizes extortion by the ship owners upon the people of Sabah for the last 27 years.  Why???

Those who support the Cabotage Policy call this imbalance of trade within Malaysia.  But when the Malaysian economy is not integrated, even after 47 years forming Malaysia, why penalized Sabah.  Intentionally, the leaders in Malaya are sowing animosity between Sabah and Malaya and makes Sabahans to think that Malaysia is only for Malaya.  The reality is that this pattern is purposely created to legitimize the reason for ship owners to impose freight charges without any restrictions.

The government has the final say on Tariffs and Charges when they privatize the ports in Malaysia.  Similarly the tolls in highways criss-crossing Malaya, any increase in toll charges requires the Federal Cabinet to decide.  If the government decides the road toll should not increase, the government is obliged to pay the concessionaires billions.  The government is subsidizing at least RM4.6 billion for this purpose.

However when the government decides to protect the domestic ship owners, the decision on freight charge is given to the whims of the ship owners.  How can the government allow such things to happen for the last 27 years (since 1980).  As the result, Sabah lost out in the country’s industrialization development and the cost of living in Sabah is double that of Malaya.  Perhaps the real rate of inflation in Sabah has gone to double-digit.  Why is this double standard in 1Malaysia??

When the cost of chicken in Malaya increases by RM1.00 to RM4.50, it hit national news and people are demanding for the cost to be lowered.  Yet when the cost of chicken in Sabah increases to RM9.00 in Sabah market, it does not even hit the local newspaper.  It is because the people in Sabah understand that our poultry farmers are not making huge profit, it’s because the cost of importing poultry feed that is just too high.

It’s not just fresh produce which is expensive in Sabah compared to Malaya; just compare the price of goods in the Giant Supermarket in Klang Valley and the ones found in Kota Kinabalu.  All the Opposition party needs to do is to take a snap shot of the prices difference between Klang Valley and Sabah, print them as fliers and distribute.  You can have more than 15 MP seats from Sabah.

These leaders must realize that for every one billion ringgit that the Federal government development allocation for Sabah, the ship owners takes a big chunk of it even before the projects ever started.  Think about all the building materials (cement, steel bars etc) that need to be imported, the machinery that needs to be imported.  Sabah is only providing the land and labor.  Are Sabahans cheating on our project cost?

If anyone including these leaders are saying freight charges takes only 46% of the transportation cost, then they are grossly misled.  How can they reconcile the fact that to send a proton saga to port Klang from Kota Kinabalu by container will cost at least RM2,400.00 and take 7 days to arrive.  Yet sending the same car by MAS Cargo is cheaper and arrives the next day?

Anyone with a little commonsense can see that shipping freights charges is just too excessive and need some form of control.  Obviously the Minister responsible for transportation has the authority to license ships but has no control over the freight charges imposed.  Perhaps the freight charges are controlling the Minister? – That is MCA leadership for you.

This is the same as allowing more chartered flights from Hong Kong to KKIA, the same flight cannot carry passengers from KKIA to KLIA.  This is the same as restricting international flights from landing in KKIA.  All international flights must land in KLIA, otherwise the government cannot justify the billions poured to KLIA.  This is what the government called the Open Skies policy; it is a misnomer the sky over Malaysia is not open.  Sabah is denied its Tourism potentials because of these policies.  Transportation is under the Transport Ministry – that is MCA leadership for you.

The audacity of these leaders to face the people in Sabah and speaking half truth, just to protect a few ship owners is really appalling.  We believe, as victims of this discriminatory policy, we do not need a referendum to reject the Barisan government.  As the Sibu people said to the BN government “Najib you can keep your cheque”.

Sabah Sifu


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A husband & a father who wants his children to have a better future

9 Responses to The Barisan Government is kicking themselves out of Sabah

  1. lucgrant says:

    Thanks for sharing this because laymen like will not going to know about this & i think much of Sabahan doesn’t realize that their daily lives is in fact also affected by this policy…& that is the main reason why the Federal has always insisted to defend this policy…there is just not enough voices in raising the issues…politician should bring this issues forward, apart from voicing out the 20-points-agreement etc….

    • sifusiber says:

      That is the reason I put in this blog. Some of our MPs raised the issue in Parliment but after a while it simply cool off. Not many MPs interested to bring it up. The sad thing is that even the opposition MPs talk about looking after Sabah’s welfare but they are also conspire to maintain this policy.

  2. lucgrant says:

    Thanks for sharing this because laymen like will not going to know about this & i think much of Sabahan doesn’t realize that their daily lives is in fact also affected by this policy…& that is the main reason why the Federal has always insisted to defend this policy…there is just not enough voices in raising the issues…politician should bring this issues forward, apart from voicing out the 20-points-agreement etc..

    • sifusiber says:

      same as above

  3. lderple says:

    No worry:) Kebanaran pasti akan terdedah suatu masa nanti.

    • sifusiber says:

      I am not worried, but I care for the future of my children. Kebenaran telah terdedah lebih 43 tahun, namun sekiranya kita tidak mampu membawa perubahan, siapa lagi? Orang lain tidak akan membantu Sabah berubah selagi Sabah sendiri tidak mahu membantu diri sendiri. Janji pembentukan Malaysia 43 tahun lalu untuk membangun negeri ini dimungkiri. Mungkin ada yang berpuas hati dengan apa yang ada sekarang, namun adakah ini yang sepatutnya diberikan kepada Negeri ini? Mengapa harus orang Sabah berdiam diri setelah semua ini dilakukan keatasnya. Tidak kah orang Sabah mempunyai maruah diri di perlakukan begini namun masih berterima kasih? Itu pendirian seorang hamba atau chakap Sabah ulun. Sabah bukan hamba kepada Malaya dan tidak seharusnya di perlakukan begini.

  4. ikangelama says:

    Whatever it is…media is media. The truth can be wrong and the wrong and evil can be truth and honest!
    I just want the truth and nothing but the truth and the truth must not be politicized..

    • sifusiber says:

      A wise man once said, if a lie is said to be true for 99 times it is a lie but the 100th times it becomes true. So the truth depends on where you stand. If you are a leader whose concern in money and power, then whatever people is a lie. If you are a leader whose concern is the people, then everything that people said is valid until proven wrong. So what is truth? it is just a word.
      The most important thing is what you feel is just and right. There is no one solution fits all, so sorry welcome to the real world.
      But do not despair, for the people’s voice can be loud and clear. We just have to keep at it until we are heard and understood.

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