Mahathir and Michael Jackson shares similar passion

What do Mahathir and Michael Jackson have in common? Both passionately want to be other than themselves (they seems to hate their bodies).  Try as hard as they want they will never be the person they dream of.  Michael Jackson is a black American, who wants to be a white American.  Mahathir is a born Malaya Indian who tries hard to be Malay.

Compared the two, Mahathir is more dangerous than Michael Jackson.  If you follow Michael Jackson at the most you may get a slip-disk or some fracture in the lumbar region.  At least you can still enjoy his music and forget worldly worries for a while.

Mahathir on the other hand is preaching hatred and then using your hate to climb up the political ladder or garner political influence for himself.  Whoever falls under his spells are just pawns to be used and discarded when you are no more useful.

Mahathir destroyed the competitiveness of generations of Malaysians with his education policies.  In 1975 he was appointed as the Minister of Education and he drafted the Kurikulum Bersepadu Sekolah Menengah (KBSM) syllabus to make Malay a compulsory subject to be taught in schools.  The Overseas Cambridge School Certificate (OSC) was later abolished.  Applying a eugenic theory to reengineered the Malaysian society including the members of Barisan nasional for his purpose not for the country.  The Barisan is a clever insulation that split Malaysian societies into different races which he controls.  The Barisan is the one ring that controls them all.

Samy Vellu is given the task of controlling the Indians through MIC and Ling Leong Sik to control the Chinese through the MCA.  Mahathir controls the Malay through a series of eugenic indoctrinations that made the Malays thinks that they are supreme beings in Malaysia (in the world), in reality the Malays are just dispensable pawns for Mahathir to gained and control political power over Malaysia.

I am convinced the Malaya Malays need a common pennant that they can refer to.  To make Malay a standard is the right approach, but to make a person a living standard is inviting trouble.  Individual may succumb to his egotism, once it happened, you can judge for yourself.

So what do the Malays gained after 53 years of independence and 22 years under Mahathir? Malaysia as a whole, get a whopping RM362 billion debts, a deficit account and a clear promise to be a bankrupt nation by 2019.  This is the problem when the Malaya Malays are following myopic leaders such as Ibrahim Ali which is actually being used by an Indian.  This is a typical case of “Menang sorak Kampung tergadai” The Malays cannot blame anyone else but themselves.


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12 Responses to Mahathir and Michael Jackson shares similar passion

  1. utohanang says:

    Mahathir sideline Sabah Constitution to stamp his authority. No respect for the rule of law. Zionist Israel sideline international law to stamp its authority over Gaza, also no respect for the rule of law. Now, Mahathir is sending activists to help Gaza, kind of ironical, isn’t it? Shouldn’t birds of the same father flock together?

    • sifusiber says:

      Well it is like convenient for him to do it for Sabah, we don’t even get to National news so forget abot international news and pulling a stunt like sending activists to help Gaza really can put Mahathir back into international limelight. So we can forget about his sincerity to help the poor Palestinians, its about exposure not about life. I really pity this guy he cannot live without adoration.

  2. rose2870 says:

    Do you mean to say that Malaysia can be better than Singapore? I am a Sabahan and have been working and living here for the past 5 years since graduation, I think Singapore have so much to offer. They do not have so much hang-ups and things can be done faster. Will Malaysia be able to compete with Singapore, in the long run?

    • loongchai20 says:

      Bro, I am sure Malaysia can be better than Singapore. The population is much bigger, the land mass is much bigger this can be translated to a much bigger economy. Its the hang-ups that is pulling Malaysia back. In addition, the hatered inculcated by this Mahathir to other races is not helping Malaysia to grow. This guy is as much to blame for Malaysia to be left behind. His legacy is his vanity not Malaysia’s Economy.

      • rose2870 says:

        I am a woman, if you don’t mind.

        • loongchai20 says:

          Oh, so sorry, Bra

          • sifusiber says:

            Boys and girls, this is not a discussion about gender, its about Mahathir an Indian decent trying to be a Malay and in the process destroying a country Malaysia. Please maintain the decorum.
            Thank you

  3. natze204 says:

    Tell me Sabah Sifu, everyone is adoring this person as the father of Modern Malaysia, he practically introduce Malaysia to the World. He also brought development to Malaysia never seen before, imagine the MSC when no one in the World was even looking at ICT? Why do you look at him in a different light? why the comparation? Why need to run him down?

    • gurkahsiber says:

      natze204, all people see is what they want to see. They see a person bringing Malaysia into the “modern age” and everyone wants to be the first to congratulate him. But sit back for a while and ask this question, is that the best he can do for Malaysia? Is it possible for us to get more than what is shown. Look at the MSC, everyone says it is a success. But Najib recently admit that 80% of our labour force only have SPM. How can MSC be a success then, when now you know, Malaysia do not have the knowledge workers. How much money was spent in Klang Valley, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and KLIA to maintain this lie? Is the thousands of MNC still there?
      The comparison is because he uses the Malay to hide behind especially UMNO. He doesn’t give a hoot about the Malays. He hid behind the Malays so that he can tell them off, tell their rulers off. Is this some sort of reverse physiology so that the Malays can be progressive? Why restructure our education policy in 1975 to make us globally uncompetitive in the first place? Then put it back the minute he is retiring? As the result, the Malays lose as a global player. As a Nation Malaysia cannot afford to lose the Malays, similarly Malaysia can lose the Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, Dusuns and all societies therein. Mahathir must be shown as what he really is.
      It is not to run him down, if he wants to retire gracefully and fade with time, no one is going to stop him. But if he still wants to play, then he must accept the rules. He is not writing and changing the rules anymore.

  4. kepayan10 says:

    analisa yang amat tepat dan Pedas

    47 tahun bergabung dengan Malaya,akhirnya kepandaian mereka hanya menghasilkan ” Malaysia as a whole, get a whopping RM362 billion debts, a deficit account and a clear promise to be a bankrupt nation by 2019. “…

    kalau disamakan dengan keputusan peperiksaan, sudah tentu markahnya GAGAL!

    rupa rupanya orang malaya ini tidak sepandai mana seperti yang diagung agungkan….

    • sifusiber says:

      Sad but true, after 47 years of forming Malaysia, we from Sabah persevere even when these Malaya Malays block us in every turn. The Cabotage Policies, the Open Skies Policy, marginalised and disafranchised, impose levies on foreign labor (Sabah has the highest), collect revenue from Timber, Cocoa and now Palm Oil, Formema, take our revenue from crude petroleum, take our revenue from petroleum products and more, still we persevere. Now if Malaya Malays wants to commit suicide by jumping into the bankruptcy abyss, they can jump we will not follow. Sabahans by now is toughen enough to sail through these tiring period. Sabahan eat “Lada Padi” and our retort is equally painful.

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