RMK10 for whom in Sabah

The Prime Minister is going to Parliament to announce the 10th Malaysian Plan or RMK10 in short.  Christmas is coming and Santa is bringing the goodies.  A lot of people are anticipating a lot of thing for a lot of different reasons.  One thing is for certain none of these reasons will look squarely at the welfare of the people in Sabah and address critical issues at hand.

The announcement for the 5 year national plans is always Christmas time of year, it does not matter what month it falls.

We shall be hearing billions of ringgit to be spent for the next 5 years; they will have projects here and projects there, none too specific.  The reason they do not want to be caught red-handed.

How many times have we heard that Sabah gets one of the highest allocations in terms of the 5 year National development plan?  Just too many times, it is as if we know the script already.  Yet, for the billions that has been poured to Sabah, we are still the poorest state.

Therefore is there really billions of ringgit being poured to Sabah is it just, a feel good statement, but hey election is not around the corner yet.

Or that the billions of ringgit are really for Sabah but entrusted to KL Contractors because the local leadership is so unreliable and they may just pocket the money.

Or that just announce the billion of ringgit even when the Federal government have no money to spent, because who is going to check their books.  Even if someone ever check their books the project is hidden in layers of allocation heads a, sub-heads, sub-sub-heads, journals and virements that it will take the next 10 years to discover.

By that time development period is over – they will always be able to put it as continuation project.

Have anyone ever wondered why the Federal or the State government NEVER show the project list? They may put up sign boards all over the place about projects to be implemented, but they never give a list of projects to be implemented, where, at how much and how long it takes to carry out.

The answer is very simple, the minute they show the list, the government will not need a whole department to check its implementation.  The people all over Sabah will keep a close watch and reports will be streaming daily instead of months.

This I believe is what the Federal and State government want.  Be transparent and let the people themselves judge whether the government are sincere or not – People First, Performance Now

Come next election, the Barisan government need not spend more money and need not make any more promises because wherever you are in Sabah the people will give their full support.

YAB Prime Minister – Good Luck in your announcement in Parliament and keep in mind what I have suggested.



11 Responses to RMK10 for whom in Sabah

  1. 1181mr says:

    maybe the govt should give a copy about the RMK10..By then we can judge it..for me the RMK10 more similar with the previous RMK which under the MEP…NEM and 1Malaysia should be implement in RMK10…

    • analyst06 says:

      Actually if you read all the RMKs report since 1970s they are the same. Content wise also the same only the dates and numbers are a bit different. A friend of mine made a summary of all these, I hope he will publish it in the blog.

      • 1181mr says:

        i do hope so…if najib seriously to transform our country then, NEM and 1malaysia concept should be the basic for the RMK10 and not MEP which is not relevant for nowadays because of globalization…

        • gurkahsiber says:

          Agreed, but there are so many generality in his speech that he does not waht people to pin him down. So basically the RMK10 is Najib telling us where he is going, but he does not tell us how.

          • sindra10 says:

            I think he prefers to keep the people in dark rather knowing. What? He thinks the people are stupid? The rakyat nowadays are smart. They can sense if something is not right. But then, we will just have to wait and see the outcome after the implementation of RMK10.

            • analyst06 says:

              Unfortunately Sabah don’t have the luxury to wait, we are practically 30 years behind Malaya. If we wait then we will forever be waiting. We need to revitalize our economy now and need to reposition ourselves squarely in the BIMP EAGA, otherwise we will be overtaken by Mindanao, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.
              The only consolation will be the PTI will go home, but remember Keningau? Sabah may end up like Keningau.

  2. limborgi says:

    setahu saya setiap projek kerajaan yang didirikan dan setiap sen yang dibelanjakan adalah dipantau dengan ketat. setiap tahun ada audit belanjawan dilakukan pada setiap pembelian dan pembangunan kerajaan yang dibuat. saya rasa orang yang tulis artikel ini hanya berdasarkan andaian dia semata-mata kerana dia tidak tahu apa sebenarnya berlaku dalam proses-proses pembangunan projek kerajaan

    • analyst06 says:

      saya boleh jelaskan proses perancangan ekonomi ini daripada peringkat keluarnya perkeliling Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN) sehingga pemantauan projek tersebut diperingkat Negeri dan dilaporkan ke peringkat Majlis Tindakan Negara. Namun ruang ini tidak mencukupi untuk menampung semua penjelasan yang perlu dibuat. Penjelasan terperinci sedang diberikan oleh rakan saya Gurkahsiber dalam laman berikut
      diminta bersabar untuk mendapatkan penjelasan yang lebih terperinci.
      Terima Kasih

  3. limborgi says:

    Bagi saya kita kena tunggu dan lihat. saya percaya kerajaan prihatin akan rakyatnya.

    • analyst06 says:

      Well the PM has delivered his RMK10, it is still the same as other plans before this. Concentration is still Klang Valley. The rest of Malaysia is just by-stander. He promise a rolling plan by August, hopefully the rolling plan is the Project List I requested.

  4. utohanang says:

    I don’t think that the present government ever want to be transparent. You see they are not only trying to hide their misdeeds but also their stupidity. It is also the stupidity of the government that wants to maintain this opacity (I hope I spell that right). They are feeding on the people’s fear for change.

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