Rancangan Malaya Ke10 Menepati Sasaran

A very apt name to call the RMK10 as Rancangan Malaya Ke10.  Najib is not talking about Malaysia he is just talking only about Malaya specifically Klang Valley and Selangor.  I bet my bottom ringgit ( not that much) that Sabah will get the 2nd highest allocation and Sarawak will get the 3rd largest allocation.  The local Ministers will be so happy patting each other’s back on a job well done.  But wait a minute, “Where is the money, Show me the money!”

Sorry guys to get to the money you have to prepare stacks of report (delaying tactics) and these papers must get through the gamut of desk officers starting at the state level up to the Federal level.  That will take the Sabah delivery system at least 3 years to prepare and send.

By that time everything has to change because by then the plan is undergoing its Mid-Term review.  It’s a good way of delaying the projects which means that money for the projects will be delayed as well.  Then there are the land acquisition issues, weather issues and all the issues just to delay the project.  The executing agencies will be blame for these delays.  By that time a new plan has to be ready.  The projects identified will then become continuation project.  It may even go through the process again as new project for the next 5 years.

In as far as Sabah is concern, the Coal Powered Plant is going to be shoved down our throat, like it or not.  There is RM7 billion allocated for it.

Sarawak seems to get its Aluminum Smelter Plant but Bakun is not even completed yet, wonder where they are going to get the electrical power.  That must be the other Coal Powered Power Plant which takes half of the RM7 billion.

Most of the projects are in Malaya, billions of it, where the money comes from only god knows where.

Najib can spend billions on railway track, roads, property development and human capital (40%) which is for training like MLVK.  He doesn’t have money to standardize the prices of foodstuffs between Sabah and Malaya.  That is an anti-climax.

This means that Najib put more weight for MCA to maintain the Cabotage Policy and squeeze Sabah dry than the welfare of the people here.  So amigos, your children just have to cut down on their milk drinking.  No thank you to Najib, One Malaysia which means only Malaya.

Well just before Najib read his RMK10 Speech, our own Ministry of Tourism Datuk Haji Masidi Manjun was interviewed and he was still asking for more infrastructure projects.  To build roads he says so that the farmers can bring out their produce to the market he says.

But without any emphasis on the state agricultural development what does he think the rural farmers will bring out from their kampongs – may be rebung and pucuk ubi to be sold by the road side.

When their children get a bit older, they can use the road to run away to KK and stay in the squatter areas.  Or those that have a bit of money can board Air Asia and sleep in the streets in KL.

Whatever is the case, projects beget contract, and contractor beget pocket-money.  Hey election is near bah.


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5 Responses to Rancangan Malaya Ke10 Menepati Sasaran

  1. sindra10 says:

    Poverty needs to be eradicated whether they like it or not especially those who are living at the rural areas. Basic necessities should be provided especially electricity supplies and clean water. But with the looks of it, i thinks the rural Sabahans and Sarawakian will have to wait much more longer…*sigh*

    • gurkahsiber says:

      Very true, but interms of rural development there is two parts to it. One part is the responsibility of the Federal government, this is where Datuk Shafie Apdal is. The other part is the State government, this is where Datuk Yahya and Datuk Ewon is.
      Federal part have the money, the state part have less money.
      When the Federal part wants to implement programs in Sabah, the state part does not like it because the Federal part is circumventing the state. – follow me so far?
      So the Federal part have to pull back their programs (money) and the state is shouting foul.
      The moral of the story here is that both are fighting for the money not the people.

  2. vincentgoh75 says:

    Bos ini macam all these RMKs sama macam election lah, tempat cari duit bukan tolong rakyat. Tapi kenapa Najib tidak kasi sama harga barang KL sama KK?

  3. gurkahsiber says:

    Lets face facts, rural water supply is not big money. Road is. This is the problem with our leaders, they are so obvious hard up for money that they are selling the people short.
    The fact that money is already allocated in the RMK10 for the coal fired power plant means that the government is going to shove it down the Sabahan throat – whether we like it or not.
    It is the same case as the Bakun Dams and the Penans.

  4. 1181mr says:

    what about to provide basic needs to folks at the rural area? what about the poverty? no road is okay but no basic needs such as clean water is a problem…and one more thing, has the coal power plant already approved by the govt? what the EIA report says?

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