The Hidden Part of the RMK Plans Part 1

It appears that Sabah and Sarawak is not only physically (geographically) separated from Malaya, there seem also a great chasm in the mindset of development planners and practitioners at the centre.  Equally at fault the mindset of the development planners & practitioners at the Sabah level.  Somehow there is no synergy in both their thinking.

For example, constructing a 50 km road in Sabah is not the same as constructing a 50 km road in Kedah or Perlis.  The impact of these roads is also not similar.

The road in Kedah may be shared by Perlis or Penang.  In Sabah, a 50 km road may only cover one or two districts. Thus a development planner with Kedah or Perlis background will be dumbfounded when faced with the prospect of building roads in Sabah.

This is one reason in the RMK plans there is more allocation which is given the name multi state development allocation.  The ceiling amount allocated for this heading is as big as the RMK itself.

Sabah and Sarawak do not get any benefit from this allocation because there are hardly any RMK project that covers both Sabah and Sarawak.  The amount given to each state will only be known at the end of the planning period.  Therefore it is well hidden.

If this amount were to be taken into account Sabah and Sarawak do not get the biggest chunk of the RMK allocation at all.  In fact, Sabah and Sarawak gets far less.  If the apathy and indifference of both the Federal and State government machinery is factored in, at the end of every RMK plans accounting’s Sabah and Sarawak actually gets scraps.

The Sabah development planners on the other hand assume the development planners in Malaya are sensitive about all this; after all they are in Malaysian.  Therefore as Malaysians they are equally concern about the welfare of the people in Sabah.  Far from the truth, they could not be bothered about Sabah, their main concern is Malaya.  Sabah is where they acquire their wealth.

Since the 80’s their main concentration has always been in Malaya, specifically the Klang Valley and the industrial belt states of Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor.

It is only in the RMK8 onwards that they are showing some interest in Sabah.  It is not because they care over Sabah’s plight, but because it is convenient for them to create big projects which “their contractors” have interest and direct role to play.

This is one reason; Sabah contractors only manage to get the sub-sub-sub contract jobs.  Some projects have up to 7 layers of subs. Now do you understand when I say Sabah get scraps?

Therefore the Sabah Delivery System should not be surprise when their submission is scrutinized in detail and goes through so many processes.  Once approval is indicated only partial allocation is given.

It is ironic, it is the Federal government that created the Cabotage Policy, yet they complain about the high cost of materials in Sabah.  They do not want to understand that when it comes to physical development most of the materials need to be imported?

This involves shipping and the shipping cartel? Not the people of Sabah or the government of Malaysia has the authority to fix the cost of freight charges? Sabah is at the mercy of these shippers for the last 27 years (since 1980).

In Malaya, building materials is transported from the port directly to the project site with ease.  They do not have the problem of feeder ships to contend with.  In Sabah any projects will have to pay a premium of at least 30% before the building materials can reach Sabah ports.  Then there is additional cost on handling of these materials from the port to the project site (see how the cost pile up?)

Most of the development planners in Malaya do not understand this problem (or they purposely do not want to understand); they believe the development planner in Sabah is unreliable and trying to make something extra on the side.  The Sabah planner in turn thinks the development planner in Malaya being unreasonable and just creating excuses not to give the money.

The discussion will continue in The Hidden Part of the RMK Plans Part 2 ….

Sabah Sifu


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4 Responses to The Hidden Part of the RMK Plans Part 1

  1. vincentgoh75 says:

    Bos, why do the Malaya people wants to discriminate us Sabahans, what is it that we have to to them to deserve this. On one side they say they give but it is just a lie. Then they have a separate funds for development which it can only be used in Malaya. Where are all our leaders, they keep on saying that the Federal-State relationship is never been better? Are our leaders also laying to us. Who else can we as people trust without being betrayed?

    • gurkahsiber says:

      In the begining it was for their survival, that was during Tun Razak’s time. During Mahathir time and until today it is to feed their greed. The Malaya people can’t understand the Sabah people because when we are turn loose, we can change the nation. Study the history of the Capital Market, you see in 1993 when the stock market was high it was because of CASH, in 1996 it was REPCO. I am just saying the Capital Market, look at Akademi Fantasia, Malaysian Idol etc. given the chance Sabahan can excel beyond our dreams. This is what the people in Malaya is afraid of.
      They give this type of handicap to the people in Malaya yet we are heading for bancruptcy. The leaders in Malaya should for one give the people in Sabah the chance to revitalise the Malaysian Economy, not by discriminating, disenfranchising or marginalising Sabah but by putting Sabah as the focus.

  2. utohanang says:

    Wow it seems economic planning as in preparing the RMK plan is not as simple as we all thought it to be. The RMK plan looks like “legitimizing corruption” and everyone is involved. No wonder our country is going bankrupt. Apart from the General Election is there anything that we can do to stop this madness?

    • gurkahsiber says:

      Yes we can, we can talk about it. We can point out to the state leadership, civil servant, community leaders and even the opposition about it. Let them ponder about it and bring it up for the people to talk about it. Then the people will judge for themselves what is good and what is bad. Not just promises from the government or the opposition but concrete efforts to get rid of these MADNESS. If they cannot think beyond these issues do they deserve to be our leaders?

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