Sabah and Malaya are Different part 4 of 5

There are many similarities in the Sabah way of life and the Muslims in Indonesia.  In Indonesia, a person from a Malay stock, dress like a Malay, practicing the Malay culture but may not be a Muslim is acceptable.

This is where the Malaya Muslim often will get off track, because they simply cannot accept such things exist in this world.  The same as most of them still cannot accept some Palestinians are not Muslims.  It is a big hole in their learning process.

As the result, most Sabah Malay can tolerate sitting down with non-Muslims, drink, and eat food.  In Sabah a shop can have a Malay food Stall as well as a Chinese food stalls in the same premise.  Nevertheless, each will order from their own food stalls.

Trust a Sabahan to arrange things among themselves.  There is no need for moral policing, because they have respect for each other not to offend one another.  In Malaya, this is taboo and not tolerated as social norm.  There are shops in Malaya where they have signs not allowing Muslims to patronize.

Many a Malaya Malay may consider Sabah Malay as ignorant Muslim especially on its law.  To a Malaya Malay the Sabahans ignorance of the law gives them the freedom to mix freely, therefore excusable.

This is just hypocrisy; there are Haji officers from Malaya where the minute he lands in Kota Kinabalu, his white skullcap just disappear.  He will be spending the night in “Mama San” joints frolicking with China Dolls who just finish “Char Siew” dinner.

The Haji may be spending the night with one or two of these China Dolls courtesy of the sub-sub-sub contractor.  The Haji may not touch the alcohol drinks, but they are willing to face hell for the flesh.

Some people may argue this is the minority, or that I am making a generalized statement because I am prejudice.  Perhaps they are right, but I am not the one who will judge them in the hereafter.  It is between them and the almighty, may he have mercy on their soul.

Generally, the Muslims in Sabah look at the law as “acceptance” and not as “prohibitions” or “restrictions”.  On the other hand, perhaps the Sabah Malay is stronger in their beliefs that they are not easily swayed as the Malays in Malaya.  Whatever is the case, ignorance is not an issue or an excuse.  Sabahans understand the law as well as any other Muslims the world over.

This misunderstanding and differing perception by both people in Sabah and Malaya created a wall of animosity on both sides.  As the result, we are a federation in name only.  The reality is that we are two different sets of people with two different ways of lives even when we acknowledge we are of the same religion.

In short, the South China Sea separates Sabah and Malaya physically but our different way of life also separated us totally.

This is the reason the people in Sabah and Malaya is lacking unity, this divide clearly reflected in our fragmented economy as well.  After 43 years of independence, the Malaysian economy is not integrated.  We failed to create 1Country, 1Price.

Malaya import less from Sabah but Sabah imports more from Malaya.  Not by choice but by discriminatory laws created to the disadvantage of the people in Sabah.  After repeated calls for 27 years, these calls just conveniently ignored.  Perhaps it is time Sabahans should also ignore the calls to make Sabah the BN Fix-Deposit.

Societies are Changing

Today however, these thinking and perceptions is changing, as the result, there seem tensions even among the people in Malaya as well as among the people in Sabah.

This is cause by several things.  In Sabah, the ideology from Malaya is slowly permeating into the Sabah society.  Examples of these clearly observed from the Sabah Barisan and Pakatan rhetoric’s, leaders of BN component parties given position in the Federal Cabinet and Opposition leaders visiting Sabah.

None of them is showing their concern for the welfare of the people in Sabah.  All they wanted is the powerbase that the people can offer.  The Barisan leadership is still harping about the development they can bring to the people in Sabah, yet they cannot speed up a simple thing like implementing the hospital in Kota Kinabalu.

The Pakatan leaders on the other hand are still harping on the opacity of the Barisan government and corrupt practices, yet they cannot bring these accusations to justice.  Only their de facto leader dragged from one court to the other.  I believe the people themselves are sick and tired of these charades.  You spent better quality time watching the South American soap.

The idea of mass induction is trying to find a way into Sabah’s society is losing steam.  The result is counterproductive; the supporters of BN leadership are marginalizing these leaders and generally, the people in Sabah scorn them as being tools to the Malaya people.

This discussion will continue in Sabah and Malaya are Different part 5 of 5 …..

Sabah Sifu


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4 Responses to Sabah and Malaya are Different part 4 of 5

  1. kepayan10 says:

    “In Sabah, the ideology from Malaya is slowly permeating into the Sabah society….

    When the CM comes from a malayan party, the spread of the malayan ideology is complete. Resistance is futile.

    • sifusiber says:

      Remember your history? During the colonial days, the Queen of England appoints the Governor or the Resident. The patriots in this country call them colonist (penjajah). This is because they are not appointed by the people. Today the UMNO President appoint the Chief Minister of Sabah, what then should we call UMNO? Compare apple to apple, the development of Sabah and the wealth that is taken is about the same. Are we any better? Look at Brunei and Singapore, can we be as good as them?

  2. ipv6sabah says:

    Waiting for the final part. Very direct to the point!!

    • sifusiber says:

      Well, these are just some of the things that I have personally experience. Most of the Senior Malaya officers are just a bunch of hypocrites. Meeting them in their office in KL, they look and act very pious. First thing they say as they entered the car at the airport was “mana mau cari perempuan?” so my poor officer have to entertain him that night and I was the sub-sub-sub contractor. We have to pick up the bill. I am not the only victim, ask any sub-sub-sub contractor. They even have to entertain the main contractor. So is it wrong if the sub-sub-sub contractor also give sub standard work? they often don’t do site visit, they are too busy doing piling work in the hotel.

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