The Distorted History Part 1 of 6

The victors write history.  Sabah has never lose any conflict, yet it’s Malaya who is writing Sabah’s history.  It is not because they are our superior; it is because we allowed Malaya to colonize our mind.  Sabahans attitude of accommodation, compromise, and tolerance must stop.  It is time that Sabahans must liberate their minds and stand in Malaysia as peers.

The 31st August was the Merdeka Day for the Federation of Malaya not Malaysia. Even the song by the late Sudirman was wrong but being played over the air repeatedly.  RTM Sabah should be more sensitive, that song should not be played over the air in Sabah.  It was only in the last 2 years that Malaysia Day as the day that falls on the 16thSeptember.  The Yang DiPertuan Agong represents  Malaysia, yet he give out all titles on the 31stAugust, why not on the 16thSeptember.

By this simple act, Malaya is distorting the Malaysian history, why does Malaya wants to distort history?

The simple answer is that Malaya wants to have control over Sabah and Sarawak.  First, they colonized the mind, next they strip away any self-pride and sense of belonging.  Third, they will offer Malaya as the only savior for Sabah.  They will make sure Sabahans needs Malaya to save us even from our own leaders..

The only problem is that most Sabahans are independent minded, compared to Malaya which is communal minded.  Whatever social engineering that works in Malaya will not work in Sabah.  The first of many frustrations Malaya face dealing with Sabah.

In the last series of papers, I have written about the difference between Sabah and Malaya, specifically the difference between the Malays, their race, and religion.  Nation building cannot happen without the concerted effort of multitudes of races in Malaysia.

Malaysia is not just the Klang Valley or the Central region.  Malaysia is the sum of all its parts.  Similarly, Perlis cannot say it is Malaysia or Sabah as Malaysia, all states made up the country Malaysia.  Malaya contributed mainly its people, Sabah and Sarawak contributed its wealth.

The people in Malaya are not just the Malays but also include the Indians, Chinese, and the orang asli.  The Malay may be dominant in numbers and they hold political power but they do not have exclusive monopoly on the economy, knowledge, creativity, and innovations.  If Malaysia were, build by the Malays alone, Malaysia will not be where it is today.

It is  wrong for the Malays to make claim Malaysia is theirs.  The Constitution protected their rights, similarly the Constitution protected Sabah and Sarawak rights.  Does this mean that Sabah and Sarawak should also follow the antics of the Malays in Malaya?  Without Sabah and Sarawak there, is no Malaysia and Malaya alone will still be tapping rubber and shifting sands for the tin ore.  This is historical fact.

By default, Malaysians gave political power to the Malay leadership through the Barisan Nasional government.  Many changes happened in Malaysia and while the economy is expanding, the people tolerated the many mistakes made by these Malay leaders.  However, once the economy is contracting, the tolerance began to wane.  The problem that is facing Malaysia today is the result of abuses by past leaders.  The Malay leadership today needs to win back the trust of all Malaysians.

Rhetoric or political promises are insufficient to win back this trust.  A half-baked plan is not a plan it is just a promise, liberalization is two decades too late.  For Sabah, it is very simple.  Firstly, get rid of the Cabotage Policy.  Secondly, PETRONAS had better forget about piping the gas to Bintulu, spend the money to develop the Oil and Gas industries in Sabah.  Give us the development Malaya promises us – THAT IS OUR RIGHTS.


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4 Responses to The Distorted History Part 1 of 6

  1. natze204 says:

    If the Malaya people have colonies our mind what else is there for us to do as one UMNO Ketua Bahagian was saying “just lay back and enjoy”. The people in Sabah is also not concern that we are being rape right in front of their eyes. Otherwise your blog will be filled by people arguing and counter arguing. So why do you Sifu take the trouble to open the can of worms?

    • sifusiber says:

      What we are doing is not because we hope for any reward. In fact by doing this a lot of interested parties will be against us. Some of these people may be our coffee shop friends. As the saying goes friends are friends but business are business, all is fair in love and war.
      The objective is to make right what may be wrong, I may not be right myself but the reason is sound. So if there is someone out there is saying I am wrong, then I stand corrected.

  2. utohanang says:

    Sabah Sifu, why are you demonizing the Malaya Malays? and you seems to be supporting the Chinese as if the Chinese are victims as well. Has the Malaya Malays done enough to make Malaysia prosperous? True thay have taken the wealth from Sabah but don’t they also contribute to Sabah development. The RMK9 Sabah was suppose to get billions for development.

    • sifusiber says:

      It is not my intention to demonize the Malaya Malays. Fact is fact, they have held the leadership for 47 years yet we reach this point in time where we are trying to find a way out of the mess (some people may argue otherwise). To get out of the present mess we need the strength of Malaysia, not just the Malays or the Chinese. If we still cannot accept that we have done wrong along the way, then there is no way that we can move forward. After all why fix something which is not broken?
      True the leaders have been saying billions being spent on RMK9, but honestly if RM20 billion have been injected into Sabah for the past 5 years we should be seeing great changes in Sabah. Yet the change we see is not government investment rather it is private sector investment. We are not stupid we understand what is being said and we can easily check on the ground. So where is the RM20 billion for RMK9? Do the government willing to publish the list and come clean? or the government prefer to keep it secret and make people assume some cronies is benefiting.

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