The Elites,Liberals,and Conservatives part 2 of 6

Continuation to Distortion of History ….

Many people have tried to confuse these issues.  They try to make the Malay liberals as the Malay elites – this is wrong.  The Malay elites are mostly those that walk along the corridor of power including those given positions in the GLCs and big business.  The Malay and the Chinese elites work hand and glove.

The elites want to perpetuate ignorance in the Malaysian society and to conform to their truth.  They wield the political and economic power and they want to keep up this position and rake in the wealth.

The Conservatives are those that conform to the “truth” given by the elites, they are the victim of their own ignorance.  Their own ignorance blankets them in safety and act as pacifier than facing reality.  They never realize the Elites are herding them like cattle because of their own ignorance.

Race here is not an issue but since there are many more Malays in Malaysia the Elites are giving them more emphasis to win the hearts and minds of the Malay conservatives.

Chinese already have liberated minds not because they bought their way out, rather because they are mainly urbanized and information is easily available to them compared to the Malays.  Education, media, and cross-cultural relationship especially in the urban areas are making them more aware and sensitive of their environment.

The Malay liberals are mostly the educated Malays or Urbanized Malays.  They are seeing the conservative Malays as conforming society herded like cattle.  The same as the Chinese, the minds of the liberal Malays are liberated.

This does not mean that they have gone secular as claimed by some of the conservative Malays.  Some Liberal Malay is well read than the most pious conservative Malays are.  They are not interested in blind conformity rather they prefer to understand the reason before they obey.  They mostly believe in maintaining the Malay culture and not the Arab culture.

As the result, they tend to question the reason for everything.  As far as the Elites are concern, the Malay liberals are showing ungratefulness to the country that gave them the education and the exposure.

The Malay liberal are the group of people the Elites are targeting as their new enemy.  The Elites are whipping up the Malay conservatives into frenzy to stop the Malay liberal advance.  As usual, the best weapon to use on ignorant Malays is their religion and culture.

As the result, the Elites instigated that education is bad for the Malays, because it will turn them into liberals.  Overseas education is even worst; therefore justify doing away with overseas scholarship.

Eliminate examinations so that the education system will churn out more people who are ignorant, they shall form fresh meat for their cattle herd.

The primary and secondary school system is the process to fatten our kids.  Just when they begin to understand the world, the Elites will tie them up with study loans.

If they manage to get through the University system, the rat race will immediately sucked them to work their way out of bondage.  This will be the scenario when we reach the Vision 2020, nothing but a corporate game out to destroy the family institution.

The Malay and Chinese elites are controlling the Malaysian masses to keep up political hegemony in this country.  Even the oppositions are perpetuating the confusion among the ignorant masses and they are actually helping the Elites without them realizing it.

The Malay elites demonize the Chinese to get political power from the Malay masses; the Chinese elites pretend to be docile yet plan and engineer the biggest wealth transfer from the public into private hands.

It is all a charade, a diversion to take away the attention of those unsuspecting mind.

The only people standing in between Elites and the Wealth of the Nation are the Malay and Chinese liberals, the Sabahans and the Sarawakians.  Individualism provided them with liberated minds.  This liberated mind shows them more that what the Elites are saying.  They know the difference between facts and fiction.


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