Malay needs Sabah part 3 of 6

Continuation to Distortion of History …..

However, everything good or bad must end.  There is just so many times a retelling of a story sounds good.  After a while echoes becomes an irritant.  The Malay elites cannot demonize the Chinese forever.  They are part of the Malaysian economic system.  Without their presence, Malaysia may still be practicing Barter trade.

This is another major flaw in the Malay thinking; they perceived that they could develop the country by themselves alone.  Most of the Malays today do not realize the difficulties faced by the founding fathers especially the difficulty faced by the late Tungku and Tun Razak.

They were facing a problem where the rural population was growing at a rapid pace; it was practically breaking at the seams.  Excess capacity from the rural areas must be resolved whilst at the same time addressing rural-urban migration is a priority.  Squatter areas were mushrooming around major urban areas especially in the Klang Valley.  These people need jobs and they need it urgently.

Malaya at that time only has basic industries, rubber, and tin.  This economic base was insufficient to build a Nation.  Malaya needs additional resource and wealth.  Import Substitution Industrialization strategies and pioneer status initiated by the young nation is not enough to address the growing population.

That is the reason, after 5 years of independence; the Malaya Federation realizes they need the wealth of British Borneo territories in order to survive.  In May 1961, Tengku Abdul Rahman proposed a Federation of Malaya, Singapore and the British Territories of Borneo.

The Malaya officials informed the Indonesian government of the plans to set up the Federation of Malaysia.  Initially there was no objection.  But after they object to the formation of Malaysia. 

President Sukarno argued that Malaysia was a British puppet state, and that the consolidation of Malaysia would increase British control over the region, threatening Indonesia’s independence.

Why did Indonesia reversing from its earlier decision?  Does Sokarno want the British Borneo territories for Indonesia after its success in West Irian against the Dutch?  It not because of territories because Indonesia have plenty of  it, it is perhaps because Sukarno did not mind a weak Malaya (which he let Malaya be from 1957) but he does not want a strong Malaysia.  If Malaya join up with the British Borneo territories and form Malaysia, Malaysia can be a threat to Indonesia as regional leader.

President Sukarno had stated in at least four public speeches in 1963–64 that Indonesia had no territorial ambitions over North Kalimantan, and that Indonesia’s territorial pursuit was completed with the “return” of West Irian in January 1963.

Singapore was given self-government since 1959 but it is also facing incessant problems with the Malayan Communist Party (MCP).  Indonesia with its communism leaning is a threat looming at its doorstep.  It needs the strength of Malaysia to support its own security.  It was due to this reason that Singapore decided to join in the forming of Malaysia.  After all this was the only route to independence.

As the dangers of communism take-over and with the end of Confrontation with Indonesia, there is little need for Singapore to have Malaysia.  As the result Singapore part ways with Malaysia in 1965.

It is very clear right from the beginning, that Malaya need the British Borneo territories not because of the spirit of camaraderie of the Malay stock or because they want to offset the Chinese population from Singapore, or that they care for the welfare of the people in Sabah and Sarawak.  It was because of the wealth, which Malaya desperately needed to resolve its own population growth problem.

It was also clear right from the beginning that the development promised by Malaya and examples they showed to our elders are just ploy to get them to agree to form Malaysia.

Before the agreement to handover Labuan was in effect, the Malaya bureaucracy was playing similar trick on Sabah officials.  The Sabah officials were picked up at the Airport in limousines, sent to the best hotels, picked up to attend all the meetings at the Prime Minister’s department.  However, the minute meeting is completed and all agrees to the terms and conditions.  They took back all the privileges and the poor Sabah officials have to get to the airport by taxis.  This is typical orang Malaya for you.

Most of orang Malaya tends to forget this part of Malaysian history.  They conveniently exclude them from the history books and even in the exam papers a Sabahans or Sarawakian may get a wrong answer.  They tend to highlight that without Malaya, there is no Malaysia as such the people in Sabah and Sarawak must be grateful to Malaya.  It is not the other way round.

Malaya colonizes the minds of Sabahans and Sarawakians to the extent that we unconsciously acknowledge they are our superior.  They can easily get around our own Constitutions, the State Legislative Assembly, and our Yang Dipertua Negeri.

The rotation of the Chief Minister is already a good example; another is shoving the Coal-Fired power plant down our throat.  Malaya just wants the RM3billion project, the consequence of this project is the Sabahans problem.  When they cannot import coal anymore, Sabah will be made hostage one more time, unless we let them to open up Maliau basin and extract the coal.  But they are not after the coal; they are after a bigger prize – diamonds.

The same as the Mamut Copper Mine, Malaya conspire with the Japanese extract the copper aggregate send the whole thing to Japan for processing.  They just declare the copper extracted, the gold, silver, and god knows what other minerals they took.  The waste and sludge they leave behind, the Ranau people are suffering until today. 

We have to look at ourselves, no one is going to do it for us, Sabahans must be awakened, and you have slept far too long.  Dreams alone are not going to secure your children’s future.  You must stand up and be counted you must stand up for what is rightly yours.

The piping of gas to Bintulu (which is an undeclared Federal Territory) is another prime example.  When PETRONAS wants to do something, Sabah state government can do nothing, even the Prime Minister has no power over PETRONAS.  The irony is that even PETRONAS have no power over themselves (more of these will be forthcoming in another series How Malaysia Lost its National Wealth).

The perennial problem of illegal population in Sabah still unresolved.  The government has submarines and the Maritime agency in Sabah yet their success is still dismal.  They are too busy fighting turf wars among themselves to care about the real problem of illegal entry.

The more you reflect and think about it, the more it is becoming obvious Malaya wants to take over Sabah – body and mind.  Perhaps it will not be long Sabah will have a TYT appointed from Pahang – just take a good look at Melaka.  An ex-Menteri Besar of Pahang sits as Melaka TYT.

Perhaps that the Chief Minister of Sabah will come from Putra Jaya after all they made a Sabahan a Ketua Perhubungan UMNO in Kedah.


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4 Responses to Malay needs Sabah part 3 of 6

  1. janganbah1 says:

    This unwritten malaya policy to capture BODY n MIND of Sabahan seems to be succesful.The state is even control by BN/UMNO, a malaya based party. My question to you is how can you then reverse this trend?

    • sifusiber says:

      A policy will only if we allow it to work. Malaya do not have exclusive policy on unwritten policy. Sabahans also have but we are not aware of it. Why are the Malaya people frustrated when dealing with Sabahans? It is because our response is our natural reaction. Individually this response cannot make a dent in their armor but together that is a different story. Lets start with very simple thing that we can do, sing Negera ku very slowly or just open your mouth, but sing your heart out for Sabah Tanah Airku. Small thing big impact.

  2. janganbah1 says:

    What do make of Tan Sri Herman Luping article on DE that talking about Sabah rights is like flogging a dead horse?

    • sifusiber says:

      I like this Tan Sri, he may be rambling but I am picking up a lot of gems from him. He was in the Corridor of Power I was just a kid. Each of us was given a tin “changkir” during Independence Day in Keningau and I can tell you we were a happy bunch.
      Enough of history. I think the main problem with Tan Sri Herman is that he does not believe in conspiracy so in his writing he is just narrating his perception on events a long time ago. Perhaps analysing events as conspiracy is a dangerous occupation. He may not be able to publish in the news paper.
      But to those of us who have this courious mind, we started to ask questions. From what we gather a significant Malaya invisible hand is playing behind the scene. As the result, unconsciously Sabahans were made to pull down their own leaders demonised by Malaya. Malaya do not just use Sabahans on time but several times and we keep on falling for the same trap.
      My sympathy to our KDM brethern, they have been made use of left and right not once, not twice but everytime. The worse is by their own cultural leader.
      With all the above in place, Tan Sri is right we are flogging a dead horse. But is it not possible for us to look for a different horse. For all you know the present horse is just pretending to be dead. So it is time to go for the “balls” and see whether this horse is really dead or pretending to be dead. Sabahans are creative and innovative bunch of people, so have faith.

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