I do not understand people’s obsession on taking sides.  They see you either as a BN supporter or with the “other” side and in this case with Bersih!  It’s so childish it reminds me of the days when as a child we must either choose “this” friend or “that” friend to play with because they are not talking to each other!!  As for the current political issue with regard to Bersih, I am not supporting any sides of the political divide.  I am not here to question the “neutrality” of the organizer of the campaign either.  However I do detest when people are encouraged to be out on the streets be it in small group or in a grand scale in the pretext of justice and in this instance “clean and fair election”.  I do support reason and the sense of responsibility though.

I have observed that both sides of the political equation have lost their common sense.  Yes!  Sadly, it has disappeared into thin air!  Why you may ask?  Well as far as I’m concerned all the politicians wannabe’s appear to act on sentiments based on emotions peppered with a good measure of egomania.  This to me is a recipe for disaster. We are not talking about people’s properties which are at stake as it may include people’s life as well.

So what can the government of the day do?  Bersih relentlessly call for a fair and clean election in Malaysia, which incidentally, has the full support of the opposition in Malaysia?

The answer is simple.  The government of the day should allow them to their protest rally, to let off steam, so to speak.  However, they should do it where it is safe for everyone.  We do not want them to walk all over the streets of Kuala Lumpur even though they have assured us that it is a peaceful demonstration.  Probably it is not Bersih that we should be worried about but others who are not so self-assured.  All it needs is small spark and the tinder dry mass will turn into fiery mayhem.  It is a lost not just to the incumbent, Bersih or the opposition but to the whole country as well.

So where should we ask them to go to let off steam?  Giving Bersih 2.0 alternative route to take is not solving the problem, the people are still in the street and the police will still be short-handed.  Asking the Prime Minister to be at the gates of Istana to be with the masses is even more ludicrous.

As a responsible government, the Prime Minister can offer them the Bukit Jalil Stadium. Free of charge!  The government can then ensure that safety is well under control.  They will ensure that there is sufficient transport going in and out of Bukit Jalil.  Here in Bukit Jalil Bersih and the opposition can demonstrate all they want.  They can have a lion dance demonstration, silat gayung demonstration, and speeches of all types without disrupting the other Malaysians who are happy to get on with their daily lives.

At the same time, the Prime Minister can assure the masses that he can persuade the Istana Negara to send a representative to Bukit Jalil to accept any memorandum that Bersih may want to submit to the Yang DiPertuan Agong.  After all, it is the Yang DiPertuan Agong attention that they wish to get or perhaps international exposure.  If it is the latter, then they are not doing all these for a “clean and fair election” but for their own self-esteem at the expense of the ignorant masses.  I believe Bukit Jalil is the only reasonable solution to a potentially very tense and destructive possibility.

However, even when the Prime Minister can be persuaded, it does not mean he is going to condone vandalism.  The organizer of Bersih 2.0 will be held responsible to pay for any act of vandalism if it happen in the Bukit Jalil Stadium.

I am sure the Prime Minister will welcome this elegant solution. Although Bersih may be warm to this suggestion, I doubt the opposition will accept this idea, as they may perceive that the Prime Minister of Malaysia will steal the thunder right from under their noses.  I hope in all sense of judgment the Opposition and Bersih stay firm to their peaceful demonstration.  Take this idea of having your “letting off steam” in Bukit Jalil.  If you walk the streets of Kuala Lumpur and when there is unrest then that is your responsibility.

 Sabah Sifu


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  4. Sk Chiew says:

    It is my opinion that Bersih Rally 709 is only a group of people who imitates the Western culture to ruin their own country’s economy and prosperity…! The result of the Bersih Rally is to empower this irresponsible group to spoil the future of our COUNTRY, MALAYSIA…! So please stop the BERSIH RALLY before its going from worse to worst.

    • sifusiber says:

      I concur with your statement. Even when imitation is the highest form of flattery, when good intention hijacked to serve irresponsible groups is the highest form of stupidity. A group headed by highly trained professionals should not have fallen to such a low political manipulations. It reflects the standard of professionalism in our country.

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