Response to Messrs Vidal Yudin Weil –

I refer to your piece “When quacks masquerade as economist”. A fine attempt to rebut the National Cabotage Policy but without the benefit of understanding the whole picture – it is simply jumping to a conclusion, “Without Perjudice” no doubt but “The Crusade against stupidity”???

The piece on “Only Sabah can save Malaysia” is just a small piece of the sum total, which if you care to read I attach a Cabotage Policy for your reading pleasure. The Cabotage Policy is not something new to me personally. I have been talking about it much earlier and I started doing some serious research on it and by June 4, 2010 publish a piece on this blog. The paper Cabotage Policy is the culmination of my own personal research on the issues and provides a solution for the leaders to consider. I have extracted part of it in the local papers – it is unfortunate our own Sabah Economic Planning Unit have no empathy to the plights of Sabah within the National mainstream development. This is however to be expected, they will not even acknowledge my work for the HALATUJU: Pembangunan dan Kemajuan Negeri Sabah. However, it is beside the point as long as it is used to benefit Sabah it is okey by me – but not to use it as an excuse to justify their incompetence.

I must thank you for comparing me with Najib, I take it as a complement but I was never born with a silver spoon, I earn whatever I have. Najib may not have completes his studies, but I did. It is unfortunate we don’t know each other that well perhaps if we did we could have a healthy discourse about Sabah.

The perception today is that I am a person that the State Government just loves to hate. The reason is because I raise issues which the State Government find it hard to provide satisfactory answers – they are starting to lost the Dialog. This is the benefit of being the author of the HALATUJU.

As you have rightly answered the Civil Servant from the Sabah Economic Planning Unit “Judge a person by what he says or does instead of what he claims himself to be” – I believe this civil servant do earn their living in the State Economic Planning Unit – then surely they are learned Economists – so then what is happening to the Sabah economy?

You are right in saying that I am one of the six plaintiffs who sued PETRONAS as the first defendant and the State Government of Sabah as second defendant.

However, I disagree that Harris Salleh and Pairin was at fault back in 1976, or that it was never debated and approved by the Sabah State Legislative Assembly. As far as Fuad is concern most of what have been said are pure speculations – I cannot agree with your conclusion. Therefore, before you start speculating further as to whether the oil agreement is illegal and/or illegitimate, please take some time and read my brief analysis based on my own research on this issue – Please bear in mind I am not claiming I am a lawyer. I did some research on this issue and these are my findings pure and simple. I prepared a simple timeline version Timeline how SS lost our Wealth A ver2 and Timeline how SS lost our Wealth B ver2 for those who are not keen to read long peer review papers (good enough to serve as submission to court). I have these as well and will gladly share with whoever wants it – to benefit Sabah – not individuals.

It is based on these findings that we sue PETRONAS and the State Government. It is just unfortunate that we did not have sufficient funds to proceed – I will just leave it at that.

Therefore I will not rebut your piece point by point because I believe after you read what I have written on the Cabotage Policy you will see that the Cabotage policy is more than just the increase on logistical cost, the BIMP-EAGA as an economic hinterland to Sabah is a viable proposition – a means of saving the manufacturing & electronics in Malaysia (which form 90% of SMEs) there are actually a solutions to it – IF they are serious to resolve the issue.

I believe sir, an apology is in order

Zainnal Ajamain, Esq.


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