GE13: Who Owns People’s Aspirations?

Knowledge is an asset which the more you spread it out, the more return you will get.  When you hoard Knowledge, it will create pressure which is not good for your health and may drive you mad.  It does not belong exclusively to any individuals or specific community, it belongs to all.  This is the same case as the GE13 Manifestos issued by both PAKATAN and Barisan Nasional (BN). Read more of this post


The Doom of Ketuanan Melayu: UMNO in Sarawak

UMNO coming to Sabah was one of the greatest mistakes this organization has ever made since its birth in 1956.  It has been proven now that UMNO is susceptible to spontaneous and reactive decisions, just like some leaders in Sabah.  Hence, the decision to move into Sabah was in response to the headway made by the Semangat 46 in influencing the PBS government in Sabah then.

However, this decision cannot be achieve with the presence of USNO.  As a result, UMNO could only come into Sabah through USNO, which means USNO must be sacrificed in order to make way for UMNO.  At this point USNO was already a spent force and financially the late Tun Mustapha could not provide the necessary personal support to the party after twice failing to form the state government (in 1985 and 1986).

At this juncture I ask is it conceivable for UMNO to expand itself to Sarawak?  Many questions have been raised about this particular issue.  My simple answer would be, it is inconceivable for them even to contemplate the idea.

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Sabah to Save Malaya

The cat is out of the bag, the RMK10 is now out in the open.  It is however not a complete plan, some will be revealed in stages. This reflects the “inclusiveness” and comprehensiveness of the thinkers behind Najib.  As the saying goes, there is always a first time for everything.  Najib is not doing anything new; in fact RMK10 kills the momentum set in the National Mission, he does not even realize that!

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Mahathir and Michael Jackson shares similar passion

What do Mahathir and Michael Jackson have in common? Both passionately want to be other than themselves (they seems to hate their bodies).  Try as hard as they want they will never be the person they dream of.  Michael Jackson is a black American, who wants to be a white American.  Mahathir is a born Malaya Indian who tries hard to be Malay.

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Stop flogging the Malaysian Subsidy Mentality, Plug the government leakages instead

The proposed subsidy rationalization by PEMANDU is solving government cash flow problems but unfortunately at the cost of the people’s welfare.  It appears a lot of claims and justification being used to remove these subsidies, however very little being done to discuss the core of the cash flow problem faced by the government – the leakages in government spending.  Datuk Idris Jala you should be ashamed of yourself.

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Oii Mahathir, screw us no more.

Mahathir Mohammed jealously knows no bound, especially against the successful elderly statesman Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) of Singapore.  The reason is LKY has been successful where he failed miserably.  LKY broke the shackles of colonialism, because Mahathir is still flogging the colonial dead horse for his failures.  Singapore has become a develop nation whilst Malaysia still finding excuse in being caught in a “middle income trap”.  Let’s call a spade is a spade and accept the fact that Singapore succeed where Malaysia has failed.  Stop all the excuses, people are so tired of it.

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BN in Disarray, leadership impotent

Barisan National institution which was build based on consensus and compromises are breaking down due to greed and  power.  The President of Barisan can only look helplessly.  As the saying goes the father build, the prodigal son will sell it off.  The Pakatan is based on a similar model and it is heading the same direction.  It appears politics is no more the bastion for stability, to survive its everyman for himself.

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Malaya or Malaysia

Eavesdropping is a bad habit, I must admit.  But I could not help overhearing the conversation between the salesgirl and one Ma’chik, in the Filipino market in Kota Kinabalu recently.

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So Pakatan Wants 20 to 25 Seats in Sabah – Easy as pie

It is interesting to read in the Malaysia Today that the Pakatan Rakyat should stop flogging the Indians, Chinese and Malay votes in order to capture Putra Jaya.  They should make an effort to capture at least 20 to 25 seats from the East Malaysia states.  Actually it is simpler than what RPK thinks.  It is not only possible to get 20 to 25 seats; it is already in their hands.  The problem is that they do not know they already have it.

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One Malaysia is One Price

Ulu Selangor by-election was the referendum to gauge the confidence of the people towards the present leadership and the direction set out by him.  The outcome as we are all aware is slim and not as overwhelming as expected, even when millions was poured into Ulu Selangor.

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Increase levy on foreign workers

In the aftermath of the 1997 economic contagion, levy was imposed on foreign workers in Malaysia.  Levy is fee imposed on foreign worker who work in Malaysia, the reality is that these levy is paid by the employer.  The levy is similar to the poll-tax which was planned for the United Kingdom in 1989.  However due to intense resistance from the people, the idea of poll tax was eventually scrapped.

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