Sabah & Mainstream National Development Process

The following are documents to discuss the position of Sabah in the Mainstream National Development Process

Sabah and National Development Mainstream

OPP2Sabah and National Long term plans

Institutional Framework

Institutional Framework1

Institutional Framework1 – Debate

Planning Process – Debate

These are part of the analysis on Sabah within the Mainstream National Development Process.  From here it is easier to debate on the roles of IDS and SEDIA.  The whole process however need a centre where all information is collected , collated and updated – This is where the Bilik Gerakan is for.


SEDIA a Confused Development Authority

The central theme to maintain administration of the BN government is its call to manage development for the whole rakyat.  The SEDIA Enactment passed by the State Legislative Assembly is an effort to ensure development will be able to fulfill the aspirations of the grassroots politically, socially and economically or legitimizing the Elites to put their hands in the State Coffer.

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