Suara Sabah To Do List

1. Avalanche of Information (The Zen of a Prepared Mind)

2. The Doom of Ketuanan Melayu (UMNO in Sarawak)

3. Where is the Development?  (How Musa is economical with the truth)

4. Sabah’s Détente: Facts, or Fictions? (The fight amongst the leaders in UMNO, the people suffer especially those in Sabah)

5. Drying the Cash Cow (How most GLC in Sabah was cheated)

6. Legitimizing daylight robbery (The Sabah State Budget)

7. Exporting ice cubes to iceland! (Obesity of the State Civil Service)

8. BN YB says the darndest thing (Series of statement in the local dailies and their analysis)

9. UMNO in Sabah ….

10. The Dark Side of the Moon (Sabah’s position in malaysia)

11. Back to the future?  (About the Borneo Agenda)

12. The explorers are here!! (About the Bugis in Sabah)

13. Musa Aman’s Blue Ocean Strategy (putting sabah deeper into the red economy)

14. D’ Chinese Warlords in Sabah (Politics and the Chinese community in Sabah)

15. KDM Halatuju: Brain or Drain (the create a few elites, but the elites discard their roots)

16. Will Sabah be the next net exporter of Maids? (Without timber and aging palm oil the only business left in Sabah – human trafficking)

17. Sabah Next 7 Golden Years (that is all the time left in the bountiful years in Sabah)

18. Sabah Development Corridor: Patch work of plagiarism (SDC Blueprint is not a plan, it is just a collection of ideas taken from other people)

19. Maggots in a Corpse (Yayasan Sabah and “play safe” strategy and in its dying breath)

20. Turning Rice into Gold in Sabah (Turning lihing in Sabah into a vibrant industry)

If you have any particular areas of interest or suggestions that you want me to write about you are free to email me with a short abstract, however, whatever I write is from my own perspective – Share our thoughts

Sabah Sifu


2 Responses to Suara Sabah To Do List

  1. jamesjubang says:

    What are the Sabah and Sarawak problems and their solutions? Pls itemize.

    • jamesjubang says:

      Perhaps to summarize all your points written in various articles.

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