The Elites,Liberals,and Conservatives part 2 of 6

Continuation to Distortion of History ….

Many people have tried to confuse these issues.  They try to make the Malay liberals as the Malay elites – this is wrong.  The Malay elites are mostly those that walk along the corridor of power including those given positions in the GLCs and big business.  The Malay and the Chinese elites work hand and glove.

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Sabah and Malaya are Different part 5 of 5

It is ironic, the people in Malaya is moving towards the traditional Sabah thinking of individualism whilst some Sabahans are moving towards the way the people in Malaya traditionally thinks and perceived the world.  However, trying to change the mindset of Sabahans from individualism to conformity in this modern and inter-connected World is a waste of time.
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