Cabotage Policy again part 1 of 3

After more than 28 years of the Federal government, looking after the interest of less than 50 ship owners against the wishes of more than 7 million people in Sabah and Sarawak detail independent study was underway to determine the need and effectiveness of the Cabotage policy.

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The Distorted History Part 1 of 6

The victors write history.  Sabah has never lose any conflict, yet it’s Malaya who is writing Sabah’s history.  It is not because they are our superior; it is because we allowed Malaya to colonize our mind.  Sabahans attitude of accommodation, compromise, and tolerance must stop.  It is time that Sabahans must liberate their minds and stand in Malaysia as peers.

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The Hidden Part of the RMK Plans Part 1

It appears that Sabah and Sarawak is not only physically (geographically) separated from Malaya, there seem also a great chasm in the mindset of development planners and practitioners at the centre.  Equally at fault the mindset of the development planners & practitioners at the Sabah level.  Somehow there is no synergy in both their thinking.

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Discrimination and Disfranchising Sabah – The Cabotage Policy

27 years of Discrimination and Disfranchising Sabah

The role of the Malaysian Cabotage Policy


Overview of the Cabotage Policy

The Cabotage Policy

The Effect of Cabotage Policy to Sabah Economy

Beneficiaries to the Cabotage Policy

Cabotage Policy and the BIMP EAGA

Circumventing the Cabotage Policy


This is clearly shown in the ideas of the Barisan Nasional, where political power is welded by 3 major components United Malay National Organisation (UMNO), the Malaya (Malaysian) Indian Congress (MIC) and the Malaya (Malaysian) Chinese Association (MCA).  The role of other members of the Barisan National components is irrelevant; they are practically impotent their presence as members is just to legitimize decisions made by the big 3.

Changes are sweeping across the political and economic landscape in Malaysia especially after the political Tsunami of 2008 and the uncertainty and volatility of global economic scenarios.  Both the MIC and MCA are racked by institutional breakdowns, and UMNO is also facing a crisis of confidence.  The political power of the Big 3 is finally in disarray and the leaders are powerless to give order into these chaos.

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The Barisan Government is kicking themselves out of Sabah

The BN leadership recently made an appeal to the people not to hate BN.  The Sabah people have shown repeatedly that they hold no grudges against the BN, the same however cannot be said for some of its leaders.  Specifically, the people cannot say they love the MCA leaders especially when it comes to the issue of the Hospitals in Kota Kinabalu, the National Cabotage Policy and the Open Skies Policies.

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Oii Mahathir, screw us no more.

Mahathir Mohammed jealously knows no bound, especially against the successful elderly statesman Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) of Singapore.  The reason is LKY has been successful where he failed miserably.  LKY broke the shackles of colonialism, because Mahathir is still flogging the colonial dead horse for his failures.  Singapore has become a develop nation whilst Malaysia still finding excuse in being caught in a “middle income trap”.  Let’s call a spade is a spade and accept the fact that Singapore succeed where Malaysia has failed.  Stop all the excuses, people are so tired of it.

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