The Distorted History Part 1 of 6

The victors write history.  Sabah has never lose any conflict, yet it’s Malaya who is writing Sabah’s history.  It is not because they are our superior; it is because we allowed Malaya to colonize our mind.  Sabahans attitude of accommodation, compromise, and tolerance must stop.  It is time that Sabahans must liberate their minds and stand in Malaysia as peers.

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Sabah and Malaya are Different part 5 of 5

It is ironic, the people in Malaya is moving towards the traditional Sabah thinking of individualism whilst some Sabahans are moving towards the way the people in Malaya traditionally thinks and perceived the world.  However, trying to change the mindset of Sabahans from individualism to conformity in this modern and inter-connected World is a waste of time.
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Sabah and Malaya are Different part 1 of 5

A common assumption made by many that people in Sabah is the same as people in Malaya especially the Malays.  This assumption is flawed; I begin to see this problem as I joined the blogging community from Malaya.  I can summarize these differences in their thinking and the way they perceived the people in Sabah – in one word – Condescending.

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