The Hidden Part of the RMK Plans Part 2

These are some of the reasons that create apathy and indifference at the development planner’s level from both sides.  As the result, the people in Sabah suffer.  When similar perceptions go up to the decision makers, often they start stereotyping Sabah as being difficult, non-cooperative and very corrupt.  This include the local leadership.

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RMK10 and the Sabah Delivery System

Similar to Malaya, Sabah has its own delivery system.  Unfortunately, the Federal government has never respected that Sabah needs its own delivery systems.  As the result, there are many functions and services duplicated between the Federal and State delivery systems.

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Greece and Sabah like two peas in a pod

Distance does not matter when having the same mentality and living by the same habits.  This makes Greece and Sabah as close as blood siblings.  There must be some Alexander the great descendents who lost their way and end up in Sabah a long time ago.

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