Mahathir and Michael Jackson shares similar passion

What do Mahathir and Michael Jackson have in common? Both passionately want to be other than themselves (they seems to hate their bodies).  Try as hard as they want they will never be the person they dream of.  Michael Jackson is a black American, who wants to be a white American.  Mahathir is a born Malaya Indian who tries hard to be Malay.

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The Barisan Government is kicking themselves out of Sabah

The BN leadership recently made an appeal to the people not to hate BN.  The Sabah people have shown repeatedly that they hold no grudges against the BN, the same however cannot be said for some of its leaders.  Specifically, the people cannot say they love the MCA leaders especially when it comes to the issue of the Hospitals in Kota Kinabalu, the National Cabotage Policy and the Open Skies Policies.

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