Sabah to Save Malaya

The cat is out of the bag, the RMK10 is now out in the open.  It is however not a complete plan, some will be revealed in stages. This reflects the “inclusiveness” and comprehensiveness of the thinkers behind Najib.  As the saying goes, there is always a first time for everything.  Najib is not doing anything new; in fact RMK10 kills the momentum set in the National Mission, he does not even realize that!

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Malaya Ignorance, “Project M” may backfire part 2

A study into the plights of Transient Population in Sabah

In addition there are arguments that there is increasing number of Transient Population (TP) in our City and major Towns and this influx of people must be contained.  Otherwise the present urban services and facilities cannot cope with the demand.  Perhaps these TPs are new arrivals or those misplaced due to cost cuttings in the plantation sector and the timber industries.

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