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Vox Populi – Vox Dei means “the voice of the people is the voice of God”. People are unique in the way they think and in the way they speak.  It is in the process of thinking and speaking that many misunderstanding may occur.  This is because each of us lives in different environment and mix with different crowd.  This may stamp on us an exclusive way of life and influence the way we think which may be different even from our closest friends.  

The mind is important, in any conflict the mind is the first battleground.  If you lose your mind, you lose the war.  It is  important our mind must be free.  Nevertheless, responsibility must tempered freedom.  Otherwise, an unconstrained mind may be harmful to humanity.  

Ignorance is bliss.  However, the security it gives is just a delusion; no one can escape the realities in life.  Today what is happening in some distance countries may affect us tomorrow.  We therefore need to understand how we are affected.  The level of ignorance in societies determines the extent of manipulation imposed upon them.  Knowledge is empowerment; only with knowledge, the mind is liberated – a first step to better understanding.  

Misunderstanding creates cleavages in society, if given no remedy; this mistake may grow into animosity among the various segments of society.  The result can be very ugly.  Self-centered, selfish, and greedy group or individuals may make this situation worse and who want to manipulate the ignorance of society for their own ends.  

It is  important that the voice of the people is heard not as one huge disorganized noise but in one clear tone.  One clear voice from the multitude of voices give understanding, otherwise it will be misunderstood.  

This is the main aim of this group of highly dedicated, intellectual Sabahans.  Highlighting national issues and current issues affecting Sabah and the people urge to take part and discuss and to understand these issues – we want to liberate the mind.  

We do not wish for fame or fortune nor shall we fear or favor anyone.  We shall all stay nameless and faceless.  We want to awaken the minds of Sabahans that that Sabah can do better.  We shall peel off the rhetoric and show what it is really laying underneath these layers of words.  We shall offer alternative views of what we are seeing today.  

Sabah Sifu


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